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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Sister Lovin'

Hands down, I probably have the best little sister in the world. It seems like just yesterday I was almost 13 and in the hospital waiting for my mom to hurry up and have her after 4-6 hours or so. All I ever wanted was a sister. I look around in my room today and count 15 pictures of her (no such thing as too much love). I was so excited that after 12 years of putting up with 3 brothers I could actually have a little sister who wasn’t always dirty from playing outside and someone to share my fashion advice with. So now, on June 8th she is turning 10! I can’t believe it! I remember when I was 10, I was wearing things like bright colors that clash and my jelly sandals. So she is definitely growing up in style. Every time I go home and see her I notice how she is growing up and I tell her she can stop at anytime but I will always remember the memories I have of her. The love we share is unexplainable, but she truly is my whole world and she knows it. Are you as crazy about your sibling(s) as me?
Tiffany <3

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