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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sock Forcasting

I am currently in love with all things socks! A lot of us have noticed in the past that knee high socks are no longer a fashion faux pas. Now, ankle socks are also growing with the trend. Though I haven't tried it myself, socks are really becoming more and more popular. I mainly wore socks when wearing my boots or when I would wear my kicks to work out in. Now, it is fashionable to wear socks to go out or cute wedges or pumps and also while wearing our day-to-day sandals or boots! Who would have thought? Socks are becoming more and more incorporated with up and coming Fall 2011 trends that I am viewing on my daily reports from Style. Below are some of the fashion trends of the different ways the sock trend is sported.

What is your favorite way to style your ankle or knee high socks? My personal favorite it the knee highs with boots!

Tiffany <3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Friends are a girls best assets!

The majority of the time I am not at home or in school, I am with my friends. What girl can live without them?  When I was a little, growing up, I always had the friends I could run to. Back then, the majority of the time we would play with our barbies or legos, talk about the cute boys at school, or play dress up. Then, this thing called growing up happens! Though, we are playing with our smart phones, talking about how stupid boys can be, and spending all of our money on clothes and shoes, that same amount of comfort, love and affection come into play. Who would we be without the girls that held our hand the whole way and told us that the dress really doesn't look good on us? Today, I take the time to recognize the lovely ladies who have made an impact in my life and reminisce on all the time we spend together. Our fashion taste then is a good laugh now.  :)


Tiffany <3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break is finally here! Nothing feels as good as being outside in this lovely Florida weather. Being in school 24/7 sure takes me away from enjoying some rays. Now that it is here, everyone is looking for things to wear and all the must haves! Here are my top picks for spring break 2011:

         Swimsuit from Target


              Cute hat from Forever 21
           Perfect pump with a splash of spring color


              flip flops for us Floridians :)

     Must have high-wasted shorts from AE (favorite jean store)   

           A dress cute and flowy to wear out!


      I hope you enjoy my Spring Breaks must haves!
          What are your favorite spring essentials?